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It was supposed to be our vacation when we arrived on the island Kos at the end of July 2015.

Being faced with the urgent plight of many refugees on the island, my wife an I decided to interrupt the vacation to spontaneously help the refugee relief “Kos Solidarity” at supporting the refugees with food.

The conditions at camp “Captain Elias” near the capital city Kos were indescribable.

Children, women, teenagers... about 1200 people vegetate in degrading situations.

The building is a ruin without windows, without water, without electricity.

Two toilets without flushing for more than 1000 people!

A few skids out in the open, with four water hoses. Sewerage water is running directly to the street, a slimy, green and gray contaminant.

The penetrative smell of excreta is beleaguering the area.

In front of the building, people are building makeshift huts out of died palm leaves and cardboard. Listless persons are lying on the streets, children, teenagers, pregnant women.

Can we accept these situations in Europe? NO!

We bought several cases of bananas, milk and sanitation, we helped “Kos Solidarity” with distributing the prepared and rationalized food.

Children and women were put first.

But there was a huge lack of helpers, the food wasn't enough either.

Even though our engagement was just a drop in the bucket, it helped immediately!

Now it is up to you. Please help us, so we can continue helping.

Your donation goes directly to the refugees.


Kind regards,

Michael Goldhahn, 1. executive

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