Kos Solidarity

Kos Solidarity“ ensured the supply of refugees on Kos through the last months - honorary, with donations and private money.

The organizer George Chartofilis is a local physics teacher, he is supplied by native helpers.

Food delivery is arranged by hotels and supermarkets.

Every day, about 1000 food rations are prepared in a small kitchen, transported in private cars and distributed once a day to the refugees in “Captain Elias” and the city.

On Sunday, 08/02/2015, the support had to be stopped temporary because of the massive lack of money and helpers.

Since 08/10/2015, Kos Solidarity distributed food rations provided by the Greek military once a day. But this support was stopped five days later, on 08/15/2015, without any announcement oder justification.

Since 08/15/2015, Kos Solidarity is helping again, with their own money, to provide the refugees with food, clothing and sanitation.

Kos Solidarity is on its own, the official support is marginal.

George Chartofilis: “We need helping hands, field work and support from Europe, instantly!

Many of the allies are at their limits.

flying help e.V. supports them directly with your donation.

Actual information you will find on the Kos Solidarity Website

“Kos Solidarity” at facebook

Your donation to:

flying help e.V.
IBAN: DE57 75061168 000 1093371

You can get a contribution receipt on demand.
Benefit to the public is approved by the fiscal authorities in Cham.
Tax number: 211/108/20876