Update from the Warehouse

The new shelves have arrived in the warehouse on Kos. Volunteers from Cameroon built them all up on Monday.

Women from the camp sorted the clothes for women and babies. To give the mother a little break, our volunteer Anja took care of the little girl. At noon the whole team has a well-deserved lunch!

Update 08/14/2020

The warehouse looks really great now. Next we'll buy new boxes and put labels on them. In the past few weeks we've been able to distribute summer clothes and in addition, hygiene articles, strollers, emergency rations of food, etc.. The Greek summer lasts until October.

It was a great pleasure to work with Anja and the volunteers among the refugees. The team is very well organized and works great. Being able to be out of camp and do something with meaning also helps them deal with the frustration and stressful time it takes until the asylum process is over.