Immediate aid for refugees

Project Kos

The situation of refugees in the Mediterranean Sea is dramatic.

Every day, people betake themselves on flight by crossing the Mediterranean. Quite a number is from Syria, on their way of escaping the war. Badly affected are the Greek Islands near the coast of Turkey.

Right now, flying help e.V. is supporting the relief organization "Kos Solidarity", on the island Kos. Different projects are in scheduling.

The refugees there live on the street, homeless. Among those, there are babies, infants and pregnant women.

The camp “Captain Elias” is totally crowded, the situation there is disastrous!
The smell of excreta is wafting over the area.

There are four mobile toilets and a few water hoses out in the open for those people. 
No beds, no electricity.

Some of them are getting sick already, especially babies and infants are starting to show deficiency symptoms.

There's an urgent need for food, tents, sleeping bags, constant-current generators, a portable soup kitchen, portable sanitation, backpacks, clothing and a lot more.

The living conditions of refugees are in no way humane and need immediate improvement.

Authorities and relief agencies there can't take more, they have reached their limits.

flying help e.V. is supporting “Kos Solidarity” by offering food, sanitary products, clothing, shoes and more.

We are also providing logistic support with cars, vans and pick-up trucks.

flying help e.V. is also conciliating accommodations in desperate particular cases like families with new born babies.

Please support flying help e.V., each donated Euro is a direct help for a refugee's child.

Your donation to:

flying help e.V.
IBAN: DE57 75061168 000 1093371

Project refugee relief in Germany

We offered our support to the Rural District Office Schwandorf. Our voluntary workers want to help at the maintenance and care of refugees.

Your donation to:

flying help e.V.
IBAN: DE57 75061168 000 1093371